4 September, 2017

English conversation: learn English watching videos

English conversation practice
Learn English watching selected conversational English videos in this page (or participate in real English conversations with other people from around the world: go to the main page or click on the “social network” menu item on the top of this page). You have some English conversations just below. It is a playlist, meaning several videos in the same frame: you can skip videos or show the list clicking on the icon with stripes on the top left corner of the videos.
You can also go to the social network and comment mistakes or ask for advice when you see a video post. Thousands of persons are waiting for you for practicing English.

Tips: 1) you can use cursor arrows for rewinding if you did not understand anything; 2) You can watch the video twice: first, with subtitles; and then without them. Good luck !
Learn English with songs and lyrics here.

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Some of the videos you can watch here:

Cristiano Ronaldo Full Length Interview – Why It Wasn’t A Messi Movie, Who’ll Win Ballon d’Or?

Is the Russian Orthodox Church serving God or Putin? | DW English
DW English
Here you have an English conversation between too persons. One is a native English speaker. The other one isn´t. Try to detect mistakes of the non native English speaker and comment in the social network


Worst Job Interview Ever

Adele Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden

First Lady Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke
The Late Late Show with James Corden

The Triumph, a Medjugorje documentary – Free Movie
A beautiful, inspiring and mind blowing story. Ben is a young american happy man with alcohol and drugs problems. He goes to a little village in Bosnia. You will need to pay attention because automatic subtitles are not very accurate, so you will practice listening better (real life has no subtitles).

About the social network
How to learn English here: contacting with other people, creating your own network of English practicioners and setting Skype or Google Hangouts meeting with them, one to one or multiple participants. Follow these steps: 1) Go to “members” or “social network”, 2) click on somebody´s photo or name, 3) Now you are on his/her profile page (“wall” in other social platforms), 4) Write on his/her profile (you can propose practicing English, for example). That´s all. This person will receive an email with your message and hopefuly he/she will contact you via your profile or via private message. Good luck !