English teacher job. Home online based job.

English teacher job – online English teachers required. Thousands of students/practitioners are waiting for you. Home based job. No experience required (some of our members only want to practice conversational English). Your career as an English teacher starts here and you can create your online meeting for paid or free lessons for groups or one to one here. If you want to offer paid lessons or conversation you can contact your students privately for payment methods (PayPal or whatever) after you create your event (you will have access to your bookings, emails, private messages, etc). The next step is start your online meeting using Skype (many students will connect via smartphone) or Hangouts and, some times, sharing your screen (with Team Viewer or so).

Your English teacher jobs is as easy as setting up an event and, even, offer paid and free options (you can set up more than one type of tickets). This way some people would pay for the event, and others would go for the free ticket: you choose what to do or what people focus on. You can focus on your paid students and let others to only hear and see for promotion (you can use the free ticket as a waiting list, for example: this way you can have the meeting even if you don´t have paid students). You can always set a waiting list if you want. You can have 10 or more students on a Skype group call and you are free to offer your paid services privately. The majority of our members are young (between 25 and 35) professionals. They are waiting for English native speakers and are ready to invest in their own future which includes being fluent in English. You should create an event 2 or 3 weeks in advance so that: 1) people can have time to learn about your meeting, 2) you have the opportunity to appear on our mailings.

English teacher job

English teacher job

English teachers required:

All teachers need to start somewhere, and if you are considering teaching English as a second language, this is your entry point.

Degree preferred not required. Not experience required. You just should adjust your fees to your experience. You are free to arrange whatever deal with your students.

Main duties can include: giving information, advice and support to learners, following up the learners, etc.

English teachers job:

Applications can be made in our online meetings section (click here). You don´t need to contact us. You can post your offer in the meeting page you create. And you arrange the timing and pricing most suitable for you, publicly or privately with each student.

English teacher job: how to start

  1. Register as a normal user: http://english-conversations.com/wordpress_0/register/ Speak about your teaching roll in your profile.
  2. Change your membership level: http://english-conversations.com/wordpress_0/membership-account/
  3. Show your true intentions in each post on the social network:
    1. Teach something, tips about English language, etc. with a link to your profile or forum topic at the end (non direct promotion here).
    2. Direct promotion only via online meetings creation
  4. Don´t spam the network or users.
  5. Don´t refer people to your Skype account, Facebook, etc. Refer people to your profile on English-conversations.com (where people can contact you via private message), or your online meeting. Otherwise your account will be blocked.

Work Environment

You should have a reliable “always-on”, high-speed internet connection, such as DSL or cable, that you would use to teach classes. If not, consider contract one.

Enhance your Internet speed connection if you want to have success as an English teacher job.

Do you have a consistent and quiet place that you can work from?

If your internet connection went down, do you have a secondary place you could work from?

Academic & Experience

Consider giving some information in the forum and/or in your personal profile:

What is your highest completed level of education?

Do you speak any other language? Some students need help in their own language.

Tell the world about the last two ESL-related positions you’ve held as an English teacher job.

Salary: based on students payments (direct to you). You can also give lessons for free if you have not experience (students can and should donate). Thousands of English students are waiting for an English teacher or an English practitioner. You arrange with the student the payment method, etc, via private messages with the student.

English teacher job requirements:

Native English teachers preferred (some people prefer learn in their own language though).
Patient and willing to adapt into the new online culture.

Internet high speed connection:

You can start helping other people and become an English teacher in this forum. No sending resume (to anybody  of English-conversations.com) required.


When creating a meeting don´t forget to add this text: “ABOUT TIME ZONE: Click on the Google calendar icon above. On Google calendar select the appropriate time zone. Then go to the calendar general view, go to the day of the meeting and you will see the hour in your time zone.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: You need to write your Skype account (ID) in the “comment” section, before booking. If you don´t you can NOT be contacted for the meeting and, therefore, your booking will be cancelled. You will receive a contact request on your Skype. You MUST approve that request as soon as possible. 24 hours before the meeting If you don´t approve the request on Skype your booking will be canceled in order to let your seat available to other members.
An online (and free) meeting for practicing English. Join us and improve your English.
If this day and time is not good for you, you can create your own online meeting here.
You will need and smartphone with Skype or headsets with microphone on your computer with a Skype account (it is free) for this online meeting. You will need to have Skype running at the time of the meeting so that you can receive the incoming group call.
Don´t worry about making mistakes or not being fluent in English. This meeting is for you to improve that. EVERYONE here makes mistakes when speaking in English.
Don´t forget to write your Skype account in the comments box, otherwise you can NOT be contacted via Skype.”

You can add value on the social network. Don´t be very commercial. Offer some free language tips: maybe explain some idioms or phrasal verbs, etc. The idea is to offer some value, so that you can grab attention. You will be able to publish ads in the future.

You can offer a free or demo class. Almost every English teacher has had to conduct a Skype demo class at some point. The whole point of the demo class is to make sure that you get up in front of a class, show off some grammar, use that wonderful charm that you have, and voila.



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