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    Jo Smith

    What is this site about?
    English-Conversations is your social network for learning and practicing English, so you can get to be fluent in English.
    How can I use the site?
    1. Register in the platform. It is very important to read the welcome mail and activate your account after registering. You have an activation link in that mail and some instructions on how you can practice English here.
    2. Make friends: write some posts, like other people posts, write on other people profiles, etc. This way other people will receive a mail and will know about you. Be active. It is very very very important that you include a lot of information about you on your profile page.
    3. Try to find people in your time zone and make an appointment. For example: “I am available for practicing English on wednesdays at 10,00 pm. I live in Spain and my time zone is GMT + 2”. You can post this message in the social network.
    4. If someone agree with you, send him or her a private message with your contact details. You can use free tools for speaking with people in ohter countries: Whatsapp for one to one conversations (everybody has Whatsapp). Skype and Hangout for one to one and group conversations.
    5. Join online English practicing meetings. Check the “Online meetings” menu item at the top of the page.

    More help topics here

    That´s all for now.
    I hope this help you.

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    hello, I am Rucapi1998, I like learn englsh. help me.



    Hi everybody…my name is Roberto I want to improve my english skills if someone of you want to talk about any topic, please don´t hesite and write to me. I can put it my self in intermedia level.



    Hi, Rucapi how are you? where do you come from? If you want, we can help us one each other…I need practice my english



    HI everyone
    I am Ken, if anyone wanna chat with me just reply to me here



    Hello! My name is Nelly. I am from Ecuador (GMT+5) and I need to practice conversations in English. Who wants to practice with me my skype is nelly.jacome


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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