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    Jo Smith

    Many people join the community and write things like: “mi English level is low”, or “can you help me?”. You need to change your focus: instead of “what other people can do for me” you should think “what can I give to other people”. Then you are a valuable member.
    One valuable thing you can do is to create a Group (you have a “Grop” item on the top menu). You can set the topic of the group: sports, business, etc. You can create a new “topic”, and set the time and frecuency for your group meetings. Then you can use free tools as Skype or Hangout for the meetings (Skype can translate your new English conversations (your meetings) to your language, by the way). If one day you can not start the meeting, some other guy in the group can start it. You can promote this group in this social network or other platforms.
    Congratulations: You are now one of the most important members in this social network, no matter what your English level is.

    If you create a Group, don´t forget to set the hour and time zone. For example: We will have meeting every first and third wednesday of each month at 10,00 pm Spain time (GMT+2).

    Restrictions? same as other social networks: violence, racism, porn, etc. Logical ones.

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