7 September, 2017

Online English practice meetings

Online English practice is what you need if you want to communicate: if you don´t practice you will not be fluent in English and you will not communicate. Forget about a well paid job if you can´t communicate in English. Here you can meet (or join) other people for practicing spoken English. Practicing English and making connections with people is the best way to train your brain, being more intelligent and, thus, having more success in your (job) life. Continue reading. If you are not interested in meetings you have a dedicated social network for practicing English and making friends here.
online English practice

Online English practice

Here you have a list of links (below) where you can join English practicing groups (meetings), manage your bookings (reservations) for online English meetings and, even, create your own meetings. You will need to register to access these pages or, if you are a member, login on this page (top right corner).

English practicing party

English party

Before you check the links you have to know that we have an English party every Wednesday at 10,00 pm (Spain time, GMT +2) up to several hours after. Schedule this meeting on your smartphone calendar now if you don´t want to miss this !!!. This is the day when most of the members will gather here. You can chat with others (the black ball at the bottom of your screen). People on the chat has a green icon when they are in the chat, and a brown icon when they have this website open, but they are checking other websites. You can start a chat with them or send a message to the general chat, and everyone (either green or brown) will hear a notification. Then, you can exchange Skype ids with people. If the chat is full, you can go to the “social network” section to check who is online (you need to be in the social network page and refresh the page sometimes in order to be detected as “online”). You can send some messages to the social network so that people know that you are online. You can create an Skype conversation and share the link online, then, when you have some people into the conversation you can turn this conversation into a group voice call. Or you can go to the “videos” section where you can check the most popular songs with lyrics. Have fun and make friends!

The links

Meetings list – Future meetings available for practicing English.

My bookings manager – Here you can check for future meetings and book (sign up, or register) for Online English practice meetings. You don´t need to be a genius to join a meeting. Don´t worry about making mistakes or not being fluent in English. This meeting is for you to improve that. EVERYONE (thousands) here makes mistakes when speaking in English.

My bookings – Here you can check the meetings in wich you are enrolled.

Create and edit your online English meetings. You can create your own Online English practice meetings at the best time suitable to you. You don´t need to be an expert or even fluent in English to create a meeting. You will manage the bookings of your own meeting here.For creating a meeting click on the “add event” button on this page. When creating a meeting don´t forget to write texts like these in the meeting description:
“An online (and free) meeting for practicing English. Join us and improve your English. Time is (your country, Spain for example) time. (Your country, Spain for example) time is GMT +x ( x is 2 in the example of Spain).
“If this day and time is not good for you, you can create your own online meeting. Go to the meetings item over the top menu)”.
“You will need headsets with microphone and a Skype account (it is free. Go to Skype for more info) for this online meeting. You will need to have Skype running at the time of the meeting so that you can receive the incoming group call”.
“Don´t worry about making mistakes or not being fluent in English. This meeting is for you to improve that. EVERYONE here makes mistakes when speaking in English”.
“Don´t forget to write your skype account in the comments box, otherwise you can NOT be contacted via Skype”.
“During this meeting we will speak about… x”, where x is whatever: football, Real Madrid, news, fashion, geopolitics, or an open conversation with no issue.
“To participate in this meeting you have to have a minimum English level of …x”.
Don´t forget to specify wich time zone is yours when creating a new event and ask for skype accounts of people so they can write them in the “comment” section of the event (meeting).
Set 2 or 3 weeks in advance (ahead) of the meeting data. This way, people will have enough time to react.

It is very important the description of the meeting. You should advice members that they NEED to write their Skype ID in the “comment” section of the booking page. If they don´s send their Skype ID, you can cancel their booking. Then, they will receive a cancellation email with this text included: “Maybe you did not send your Skype address, and the meeting creator has cancelled your booking so that you can resend your booking with your Skype ID (account name). Without your Skype ID, the meeting creator can NOT contact you. Thanks for your understanding”. So you can cancel all the bookings without Skype ID and they will know that they need to book again adding that.
Once you have set your meeting, it´s recommendable to write about it in the social network section, and even write in the profile of other people about it.
When the Online English practice day arrive, do a group call from Skype (this is a call where you are calling more than one people at the same time. You can even send a pre-notification of the meeting via Skype. When the meeting is running: 1) turn off your cameras, so that the sound be more clear; 2) ask the participants to turn off their microphones when they are not speaking, otherwise there would be a lot of noise if the number of participants is high.

You have online English practice groups in this link. You can join a group there or create a new one. When you participate in one group (or you create one) you can activate the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” check button so that you will receive an email notification when someone join that group. You can, also, create an online meeting on this link (click on the “ADD NEW” button) and put your meeting link on the group forum so that other people in that group receive a notification. Furthermore, you can speak about your meeting on the social network area of this site.

And now: what are you waiting for? Register or log in to join or create an online English practicing meeting.

You can find help about joining or creating English practicing meetings here.


What if you are an English teacher, a practicing teacher or an academy?

There´s no problem. You can create online English practice meetings and use them as demo lessons. You need to go to an special registration page where you can register as a teacher. You only need to make it clear what is your role (teacher, academy) in your profile page: you have to go to the social network menu item where you will see and edit your profile (top right). If you create an online meeting you need to make clear that you are a teacher (linking to your profile page) and that you are offering a demo lesson. If you are in great numbers, we, even, could activate in the future the possibility for you to offer paid lessons.

Online English practice on a social network

This is about Online English practice. English-Conversations.com is a Social Network for you to meet other people and practice English… speaking and hearing English. You will receive and email after registration: DON´T FORGET to activate your account using the link in this mail. After that, first of all, introduce yourself: say what is on your mind, talk about your English level (beginner, intermediate, advanced… or somewhere in between), why do you want to practice English, job, studies, hobbies, etc. Never simply say Hello. Say more. Complete your profile. Be active: if you do nothing you will get nothing. Like other people profiles, comments and posts, and you will receive feedback (response). This way you will have the first contacts to engage (get in touch) with other people and practice spoken English.
You need to write about you if you want other people be interested in you (write, write and write) and… your English has to be good. You can use Google translator for that purpose: you write in your language, and you get the English translation. But WAIT… This is a computerized translation: you will need to clean, fix errors and improve that. You can use a simple Google search and see how English people write what you want to write. This way, we guarantee, you will learn a huge lot (very much).

It´s time to start participating in online English practice meetings.

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