10 October, 2016

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English-Conversations.com is a Social Network for you to meet other people and practice English… speaking and hearing English. Here you can register in the platform. You will receive and email: DON´T FORGET to activate your account using the link in this mail. After that, first of all, introduce yourself: say what is on your mind, talk about your English level (beginner, intermediate, advanced… or somewhere in between), why do you want to practice English, job, studies, hobbies, etc. Never simply say Hello. Say more. Complete your profile. Be active: if you do nothing you will get nothing. Like other people profiles, comments and posts, and you will receive feedback (response). This way you will have the first contacts to engage (get in touch) with other people and practice spoken English. You can use free tools like WhatsApp, Skype or Hangout for speaking and hearing English with your new fellow practitioners.
One final tip: You need to write about you if you want other people be interested in you (write, write and write) and… your English has to be good. You can use Google translator for that purpose: you write in your language, and you get the English translation. But WAIT… This is a computerized translation: you will need to clean, fix errors and improve that. You can use a simple Google search and see how English people write what you want to write. This way, I guarantee, you will learn a huge lot (very much).